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The world of running is all about us, the regular amateur that loves going for a run. But running is also a pro sport with awesome athletes and great races. In this section I will cover this part of the running scene. To start you of read about the history of the Olympic Marathon with 8 awesome stories:

Top 8 Olympic Marathon Stories

Elite Races

Every year great achievements in running are made in the field of long distance running. I will sum up the most important events throughout the year and post my views on them in the posts presented here:

Olympic Marathon 2016: Kipchoge completes gold double for Kenya
Sumgong Gives Kenya First Marathon Gold At Olympics
Western States 100: The 2016 results
The Speedgoat Did It: New Appalachian Trail FKT
UTMB Recap 2016

Race Analysis

I also love to analyze data related to the running scene. I started with to popular US marathons this year and plan to do much more work on running results data in the time to come. Make sure to come back here to read all about my findings.

New York Marathon Analytics: What We Learned From The 2016 Results
Infographic: Chicago Marathon 2016 In Numbers

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There are just great athletes out there some of them I consider as my idols and heroes. I will write about the ones that inspired me along the way of becoming a runner myself.

Running Heroes #1: Emil Zátopek
Tesfaye The Driver
The Running Addiction Of Ron Hill


Despite the fact the everyone should find their own training techniques and running equipment it’s still good to now what is trending in the world of running. I will here cover the latest trends and gear that might be good for every runner.

Is The Apple Watch A Device For Runners?
The Minimal Running Debate: What Do You Think?
Why It’s Worth Striving For A Sub 2-Hour Marathon – And Why It Is Not

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