Running Shoes: A Closer Look on the Nike Free 5.0

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In connection to the barefoot running trend, the company Nike has launched the Nike Free 5.0 – a shoe, which provides benefits of free running along with the protection of a rubber sole.

Introducing Nike Free 5.0

Nike Free 5.0 shoes provide weightless and natural experience during intense training sessions. It’s the way in order to acquire a barefoot-like feel. This shoe is the great combination of support and flexibility, which lives up to the intensity of the toughest workouts. The shoes are durable and sturdy with the Phylite midsole. Despite not having a massive sole the impact is absorbed . In order to enhance support, the molded and minimal sock liner is like the curvature of your foot.

What are its features?

Once you wear the  Nike Free 5.0, your feet is maintained well-ventilated by a natural and breathable upper mesh at the same time the welded flex zones allow a wide range of motion throughout lifting and training.  In order to keep the form strong, the foot is held in hand by an internal support structure. The multi-directional movement is made probable by the flexible hexagonal pods on the midsole.

Furthermore, during the dynamic lateral movements, the flywire technology wraps your foot and locks it for supports. The feet are kept ventilated through a breathable upper mesh at the same time the welded flex zones allow a wide range of motion through lifting and training. In order to keep the form of the feet strong, the foot is held in place with an internal support structure. Apart from that, the multi-directional movement was made possible by the flexible hexagonal pods on the midsole. The traction pattern of its rubber outsole offers durable grip on any type of surface. Throughout dynamic lateral movements, the flywire technology has the ability to wrap the food and secures it in place for support.

Road Test

For those runners who are searching for something to break away from the mold of the conventional running shoe, you’ll find a popular alternative in the Nike Free 5.0. The company designed to produce this item halfway in between a barefoot and a conventional shoe. The shoe retains enough cushioning underfoot as well as a soft ride while enabling the foot to do its thing with the gait cycle. You can consider Nike Free 5.0 a lighter and more flexible alternative to your day-to-day trainer, ideal as a regular training tool to support your standard shoe regimen.

The only change to this Free model is on the upper. Its Dynamic Flywire offers a more adaptive midfoot fit that accommodates a wider range of foot shapes.

Pros and Cons 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit
  • Excellent style
  • Contoured fit
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Enough cushioning in underfoot
  • The form is minimal


  • Poor support
  • Moderate arch support
  • Little stones get stuck in the sole


A lot of people say that the shoe itself is quite comfortable. It’s breathable and lightweight that you can actually sense the breeze on your feet while wearing your shoes. The tactile response is heightened with the Nike Free 5.0 as well. Along with the increased flexibility of the shoe, one will feel their foot working more when it comes to traction and balance. The only part where being barefoot would be more different is on the toe movement, however, they find the Nike Free 5.0 to be an excellent balance.

The Nike Free 5.0 shoes are made for runners and sports enthusiasts, as it is customed design to ease their movement and activities. The shoes are very light so even gymnasts feel that they’re without any shoes. This is perfect for a person who moves around a lot.

Therefore, if you are in the house working out, you could still rock it, however if you are in search for some protection, a comfortable shoe with little support, which still allows you to get much of the good benefits of barefoot running with lesser risks, Nike Free 5.0 is the right for you.

In spite of the state-of-the-art technologies in the shoe market, Nike Free 5.0 is no doubt has a reasonable price tag, which fits both casual and professional runners who are searching for the best shoes in the market.

Nike Free 5.0 Men

Nike Free 5.0 Men

Nike Free 5.0 Women

Nike Free 5.0 Women

Price: $ 87.03

Price: $ 84.80

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