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Nowadays running gear plays an important role in the daily running routine of a lot of runners. Choosing the right running shoes or the perfect clothes is hard as there are so manny products out there on the market. I haven’t written that much about running equipment but plan to do so in the future. Here’s what I came up with so far:

Running Shoes

Running shoes are probably the most important piece of equipment for any runner. There is quite a debate  going on for several years if a heavy cushioned show is better than a more minimalistic approach. Read more about it in this post.

The Minimal Running Debate: What Do You Think?
The Running Shoes I Used Over The Past 10 Years

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When I started running I didn’t care much about clothes. I was just wearing a regular t-shirt and some sweatpants. As I got more into running and my training volume increase I complete changed my mind and am using sportswear on every run now. Read about my preferred running clothes in these articles:

The Ultimate Guide On Running Clothes
Loose to Tight: Why I Changed My Running Clothes
Infographic: Choosing The Best Compression Socks


The heart rate monitor was kind of a revolution for amateur runners. They were suddenly able to measure their heart rate on a training run and workout at an intensity to improve towards their personal goals. Today there is a wide range of technology gadgets available for runners and devices like smartphones and smart watches can be used to track and log your training sessions. Read about some of the choices available in these posts:

Apple Watch Series 2: What’s New For Runners
Is The Apple Watch A Device For Runners?
Strava Review: A Runner’s Perspective
Moov Now Review: How This Fitness Tracker Helps You To Be A Better Runner

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