7 Best Recovery Shoes for Runners – Review from a Marathon Runner

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Noelle Prescott is a marathon runner who’s proud to have finished the Boston race in 3 hours and 8 minutes. A workout enthusiast, Noelle enjoys creating content that inspires others to get moving. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and is always up for a good conversation.


Recovery is an integral and often overlooked element of running that should not be taken lightly. Not only does recovery have significant health benefits, such as reduced injury risk and improved performance, but it can also promote a positive attitude and enhance overall well-being. Investing in proper recovery shoes could be the difference between a successful season and constant fatigue. A good pair of recovery shoes has great value in terms of cushioning, flexibility, and ergonomics. It may cost a little extra money now but as with any investment into your future – it will pay off dividends tenfold when you reach the finish line with flying colors.  You can find more recovery tips here.

Types of Recovery Shoes

With the right shoes, your feet will always feel ready for the next step. The right kind of recovery shoes are essential to any athlete looking to get back into the groove as quickly and comfortably as possible. This article reviews four types of recovery shoes: flip flops, slides, closed-toe, and running shoes, helping us to decide which ones are best suited for which occasions. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or all options depending on the comfort level you require after a good workout. 

The Best Recovery Flip Flops

Flip-flops can be stylish and comfortable. One brand stands apart when it comes to our top pick. Oofos is an upcoming brand that aims to reduce pressure and demand on your feet.

#1 Oofos : Oohlala Luxe Sandal- Atlants

These sandals are perfect for recovery because you can wear them around the house, or out and about. They are stylish and will leave you feeling refreshed. Flip flops provide easy access around the pool area while slides keep you comfortable with the cool open-air flow.

#2 Hoka: ORA Recovery Flip

Hoka’s offering is stylish and prioritizes comfort. They employ a dual layer for comfort and stability and a major plus is the fun colors they offer!

The Best Recovery Slides

Slides are super popular in the athletic community. They are similar to flip flops providing comfort and airflow. Again, the reigning champion belongs to Oofos.

#1 Ooahh Slide Sandal

The amazing slides use technology to make comfort and recovery for runners and athletes their priority. The footbed design reduces stress on knees, ankles, and other joints.


The Vionic Rejuvenate Recovery sandal is the top choice for some athletes as it provides max soft cushioning and adjustable straps.

The Best Closed Toe Recovery Shoes

Are you searching for footwear that strikes the perfect balance between casual comfort and extra protection? Then try closed-toe shoes – they’ll keep your feet safe as you take on trips to the mall or other light strolls.

#1 Closed Toe Recovery Shoe: OOMG EEZEE LOW SHOE

The stretch-weaved canvas-like upper to contour your foot combined with the Oofo foam technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear and you get a great all-around recovery shoe!

#2 Hoka: Ora Recovery Shoe 2

Ready for a post-run reset? The Ora Recovery Shoe is the perfect companion to provide ultimate relief and travel convenience. The new memory foam heel offers quilted comfort – you can be sure your feet are in good hands with this one! I would describe it as pillowy and supportive. So what’s stopping you from indulging in some much-needed self-care?

The Best Recovery Running Shoes

If you’re looking for the perfect recovery shoe for easy runs, look no further. Every distance runner should have shoes dedicated to taking the stress off their feet and joints. Whether you take a walk around the park or a jog on the track, one of the most important pieces of running gear is your shoes. Finding the right fit and style can make or break your performance, so it’s essential to invest in quality recovery running shoes that are built with cushioning technology, breathability, and support. The best recovery shoes will keep your feet comfortable during easy runs and provide stability and protection from injury to keep you performing at your peak over time. Make sure you find a pair that fits your feet perfectly to get optimal results!  More specific running shoe guide can be found here.

#1 Fresh Foam X More v4

Step into the plushest, most dynamic Fresh Foam experience ever. This New Balance shoe is my go-to for recovery as it boasts an extra-high stack of Fresh Foam X that is distributed evenly along your foot’s length for unparalleled comfort and stability from heel to toe. The easy runs feel smooth and balanced at the recovery pace which is perfect for recovery!


When it comes to shoes, there’s something special to be said about recovery shoes. From their unique design and materials to their unparalleled support, they offer athletes the assurance that no matter how hard they push themselves, they can take comfort in knowing that with the right shoes on their feet, they’re better equipped to stay on top of their game while also enjoying a speedy recovery as needed. 

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