4 Running Trends to Check Out in 2017

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The many benefits of running are now very well documented, and it is only natural that this sporting discipline is enjoying more and more popularity by the minute. As with many other popular sports, running is not immune to new trends, and new exciting things come up fairly regularly. This article offers an insight on some of the most exciting new running trends to be on the look out for in 2017!

1. Apps & Social Media

Spending time on your social media is almost perceived as the antithesis of practicing any sport, but social media these days are not only sedentary: on the other hand, there are indeed many people out there who are successfully using their social media as a way to enhance their fitness experience.

For instance, there are many mobile apps out there, which are dedicated to runners. These apps allow people to keep track of a wide variety of data, ranging from heart rate monitoring analytics to distance measurements and even step counters.

One of the most amazing things about most of these apps is that they have the ability to share their content through your social media platform, even in real-time and automatically, so you do not need to worry about updating your status while busy running. This particular trend is interesting, because it transforms a traditionally solo discipline such as running into a more social concept.

People love to get feedback from their friends and family, or let’s be honest, even simply gloat a little bit about their achievements! There is absolutely nothing wrong in feeling good about doing something amazing for yourself, and in the selfie generation, a little bit of self-indulgence is certainly not a sin!

2. Wireless Music Streaming

Having your own favorite playlists while running is absolutely amazing, and it is a true pleasure to actually listen to some music you love while jogging. Listening to music while running is not just a way to kick back to some of your favorite tunes and stay entertained while your run. On the contrary, music definitely has some really active and positive effects, particularly on your mindset, mood and motivation while you are running. The groove, rhythm, tone and mood of your playlist can dramatically affect your running experience.

This is the reason why more and more people are particularly looking for an amazing way to combine music and running. The drawbag? Messy wires! Up until very recent, the only way to stream music from your device while running was through your headphones, connected to your devices through a cable.

However, these days things are quite different, and there is a huge amount of wireless network that can be used while running. A wireless headphones can easily be connected via bluetooth or other connectivity technology available on your smart phone or mp3 media player. The lack of cables might seem just a little thing, but imagine the comfort of not having something swinging in front of you the whole time! Less cables in the way, means better mobility.

3. Fancy Running Apparel

Fancy running apparel is on the rise: as mentioned earlier, running is becoming a more social activity than ever before. Having said that, it is only natural that you might want to look your best and dress to impress, even when you know you are about to get sweaty!

Many popular sport apparel brands, as well as some other companies who previously never really focused on sporting gear and outfits, are starting to offer various products particularly aiming at the runners market.

Whether you are looking for the latest technologic advancements in terms of athletic clothing (smart fabrics, heat tech gear) or other particular trendy garments that are comfortable enough to run with, your choice is about to get much larger! In particular, running skirts are becoming quite the next big thing in terms of fashion for female runners.

These particular skirts are new alternatives to compression shorts or 70s style running shorts, which might make some wearers uncomfortable for being a bit too revealing. Vintage running trends are indeed coming back in full force. For instance, Day-Glo sporting equipment and running clothing items is making a huge comeback, even though some wish it would have been forgotten in the mid 80s!

If you love night runs, however, day-glo outfits might not just be a fashionable choice, but also a smart one, since reflectiveness might and will improve your safety…in a very cool and stylish way!

4. Running Leggins

Another trend that is getting more and more popular: Running leggings. It is not uncommon to see women running with special leggings, and the great thing is that they can be customized to please many aesthetical preferences. From classic, understated and minimal, to actually customized designs with many colors artworks or other themes that are more suitable to the particular personality of the wearer.

In conclusion, it kind of seems that the days of running with a dusty, worn out pair of shorts, sweatpants or that awkward oversize t-shirt are long gone…however, classics never get old and we don’t think we will see them gone anytime soon.

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