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I guess everyone has own personal reasons why they run. Here I’d like to summarize my top 7 reasons why you should start running regularly. If you are not a runner yet I hope this can get you some inspiration. But also as a more experienced runner some of these points might confirm your decision to run even more.

1. Running is what we do

The everyday life of humans has changed massively in the past couple of decades. The amount of people working in an office and using a car of public transportation to get to work is increasing rapidly. But we were not always like this. When reflecting on the long term history of the human race running has often been a key for different reasons. In the (very) early days humans were hunting their food with their raw endurance abilities. Later as bigger cultures formed runners were crucial in messaging.

Running is just a human thing, as simple as that!

2. Get your mind off things

Most people I know have a lot on their mind. We are busy people in busy times right at the border of overcharging our brains. Running is one of the greatest ways of balance that out. Get some fresh air, move your body, get a nice sweat and just let go of whatever bothers you.

3. Maintains a healthy lifestyle

Now this is probably one of the biggest reasons why people start running on a regular basis. It just improves your wellbeing. After a couple of days or weeks you start seeing the impacts of running on your physical or mental health. Your stress level reduces, your endurance improves and you will just feel in better overall shape. Running regularly is one of the best and cheapest things you can do to improve your health.

4. Connect with nature

It’s great living in a city or urban area, there are definitely some advantages about that but there are also some downsides. In the middle of crowded places and busy streets, air pollution and skyscrapers, we tend to forget what is around all this. The forests, the hills and mountains, rivers and lakes and never ending awesome landscapes. We are a part of this great nature that surrounds us. Moving in this nature in the most natural way without a lot of equipment makes you feel more connected to the places that existed millions of years before us.

 5. Get to know your body

If you are just sitting around all day you sometimes are not even aware that your body is more than just the brain that is working non stop. Regular exercise is great the get to know the rest of it and learn how your body responds to training. The more you run the more secrets will your body unveil.

6. Improves your immune system

Countless studies are scientific proof that running makes you more resistent against infections. Regular running combined with a healthy diet can reduce the risk to get sick in the colder winter days. A French study suggests that your chance of getting an infection is half as high compared to a non active person. But don’t overdo yourself, running more than 60 miles (95km) a week can increase the likelihood of an infection.

7. Running makes you happy

The phenomenon of the Runner’s High is not yet fully understood but tests showed that your brain releases endorphins after some time of continuous exercise. Endorphins are hormones that inhibit the transmission of pain signals and are most likely also responsible for euphoric feelings. Newer studies showed that also the release of your body own cannabinoids are needed in order to experience a Runner’s High. Whatever the science behind it, most regular runners know and love the freedom and happiness during and after a great run.

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