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Hi I’m Mikula, the founder of the running mate!

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions:

  • Why am I getting injured in my running training all the time?
  • How can I prevent those injuries
  • How can I motivate myself to go running regularly?
  • How much time do I need for running to achieve my goals?
  • How can I lose weight with running?
  • Can I run until I’m old?
  • How should I train in order to improve?
  • How can I squeeze my training into a tight schedule?

If yes, then you found the perfect resource to get to some or all of these questions answered! I run for over a decade and started mainly for health reasons. Very soon I set myself running goals from running a half-marathon to running ultra trail races. I never quite a race nor did I ever get injured in my running since I started about ten years ago.

On this website my mission is to help you achieve the same or even more. I write specific content to address your pains and fears and help you achieve your running dreams, whatever they may be.

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Spring finally arrived with clear skies and warm temperatures. Running season is in full swing now. In April I did my first race as a form check and am starting the last training block before my first ever 100k race in July. Read my March & April running update here.

This is not just a regular review of the Boston Marathon 2018 race. Rather than just giving you a recap of what happened on race day, I dug a bit deeper into the Boston Marathon results data and performed some analysis on the data of all 25,000+ finishers. Check out what I learned.

Are you afraid of getting too old for endurance running? Think again! Running is one of the sports you can do for decades at a very high level. So no need to rush into anything. Check out this article to learn why you never get too old to go for a run.

This is my short training update post for February 2018. It's the first update after introducing this years running goal and starting a monthly series about my journey towards my first 100k mountain trail race.


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I'm running for 10+ years, finished every race I started and never got injured. Wanna achieve the same? Check out this ultimate endurance running training guide and download 30 FREE training plans to get you started. Whether you like 5K or marathons and no matter your level:Here you find the insights to get improvement

New year, new running goal. In 2018 I'll plan to do a big step and train and hopefully finish my first 100k mountain run, the Eiger Ultra Trail in Switzerland. Come join me and learn all about my training and progress.

Was your last training run successfull? Did you get the most out of it? If you have a hard time scoring your running workouts, check out these three easy questions you can ask yourself after every run. Reflect your runs regularly guarantees you a healthy running habit and constant improvement.

Lasting progress comes by consistency. If you wanna achieve your running dreams, you need to stick to it. Good thing running is highly addictive. But how do you catch the running bug in the first place. Check out this post to learn about some ideas that worked for me.