How Running Is Good For Your Immune System

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Running is perhaps one of the most popular and widespread physical activities. Whether you are a professional runner or simply running around the block to stay fit and facilitate a healthier lifestyle, there are definitely many amazing perks of developing a running routine.

One of Many Great Benefits

If you run regularly, you will be able to lose weight, build muscle and boost your confidence. Improving your immune system is also another one of the many great benefits of running for men and women alike. Female runners can enjoy reduced chances of breast cancer, while, runners generally develop better blood pressure and reduced heart attack risk.

While you are running, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline. These are two hormone that temporarily weaken the immune system, as you focus all your energy in the act of running itself. However, on the long term, your body gets used to the rhythm of the exercise.

Do It Right

It is very, very important to do it right though. Running and training the wrong way could actually do more harm than good, and actually weaken the immune system, causing issues for even prolonged times.

You probably might have heard that long distance runners might experience a period of weakness after a long and strenuous run: this happens because their bodies have been focusing so much on the run, that they have used up a lot of their energy and endurance for that particular task. Especially when running in really arid and hot climates (such as a desert, or to be less extreme, a really hot summer day), the body of a runner will eventually exhaust a lot of energy.

After the run, you might feel alright after a few hours or a day of rest, but your body, and in particular, your immune system, will actually take a little longer to get better and to recover to its full pace.

Recovery Is Key

If you exercise regularly and combine your activity with great nutrition, eventually your immune system will become stronger and your body’s recovery times will speed up, as you will become more accustomed to that particular strain!

If you want to seize the main benefits of running, or any other form of physical exercise, the main basic principle to understand is: don’t overwork yourself. If you stress your body and hit it with more than it can take, your recovery will be slower and potentially dangerous. On the other hand, if you manage to exercise steadily and build your strength progressively, you will be able to improve your health steadily and safely.

Other Ways

Sure running is one of the best ways to improve your immune system. But of course there are many other great way to achieve similar results. For some inspiration check out this post from the guys over at Qi Supplements.

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