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When I started running and fell in love with the sport I sucked in all the advice I could find. For me the resources for information around the topic were books and some small running websites in German. Nowadays it’s much easier and one can find running advice all over the internet. I also want to share advice and running tips based on all the thousands of pages I read in the past years and the experiences I made on the journey from a couch potato to an ultra marathon runner.

For me running is not just going outside for a 30 minute run. Rather it’s a wide area of topics that affect your wellbeing and performance. I’ll write about the following on this blog:

Build Endurance

Especially in the beginning but also when you want to increase the distance you want to be able to run straight, building endurance should be one of your workout focuses. For that it’s crucial to know on which intensity you should run. Also the long run is the best training method to build endurance. You find information on these topics in these posts:

A Beginner’s Guide To Heart Rate Training
The Long Run And How To Do It Right
How To Run An Awesome First Half Marathon

Get Faster

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Another important thing for a lot of runners is to improve their race pace in the chase of new PBs. There are a whole lot of training techniques that will make you faster. Here you find information on some of them:

4 Tried And Tested Workouts to Become A Faster Runner
What The Hell Is A Fartlek Run?
3 Hill Workouts Thal Will Boost Your Race Pace
3 Reasons Why You Should Favor Intervals

I also will say a word of caution here. New personal records are great but I recommend you to first enjoy running and try to embody a healthy lifestyle. There are also good reason to not try and get faster and faster without limits. Read more about it in this post:

Why Running Faster Shouldn’t Be Your Top Priority


When you move your body more and exercise regularly there are also new requirements to your diet. You find information on running nutrition and the basics of energy metabolism in these posts:

Nutrition Basic: How You Get Energy
4 Essential Vitamins Every Runner Needs
7 Things About Sports Nutrition That You Should Know

General Know-How

There is so much more to know about the theme of running that is hard to categorize. So I’ve collected some miscellaneous posts with information that might be beneficial for you.

10 Habits You Should Consider as a Runner
How To NOT Get Bored When Running Alone
How To Run The Last Mile
How To Run In The Heat
10 Secrets That Help You To Prevent Injuries
5 Reasons Why Supercompensation Is Important
How To Set Your Next Running Goal
3 Cross Training Ideas For Endurance Runners
7 Tips To Get Back Running After The Winter Slump

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