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There are tons of resources online when it comes to running. Obviously this very website is one of those. But there are thousands of other websites you can find great information about our beloved hobby.

When I started running I mostly relied on books and some small German websites to learn all about training. But in the past decade several great projects emerged and established their place in the jungle of information around the internet.

In this post I’d like to share some of my favorite running websites that I read regularly. This list obviously is far from being complete. There are hundreds of great running websites and blogs out there. Here I just wanna pick a few I personally like.


If you are into ultra and or trail running iRunFar is a must. It not only provides a lot of tips and information about the sport but also is the best resource for covering some of the biggest ultra and trail races across the world.

The project mainly build by Bryan Powell and Megan Hicks, offers pre and post-race interviews with some of the top athletes as well as an in-depth preview of races. And their Twitter live coverage of the events is just awesome.

As this was not enough you can also find columns of some great athletes like Zach Miller or Dakota Jones sharing there insights and thoughts on the sport.

If you like me are into the longer and wilder races, iRunFar is a must-visit resource on a regular basis. And don’t just check out their website, also subscribe to their YouTube channel and Twitter feed.

Twitter: @iRunFar
Facebook: iRunFar
Instagram: @iRunFar
YouTube: iRunFarMedia


This is probably one of the best known running blogs out there. Pete Larson started the website in 2009 and consistently shared awesome content. Unfortunately Pete hasn’t been very active writing for the past couple of months and years mostly due to his job as a teacher.

However there’s still a lot of great articles in the archive for you to browse. Runblogger has always been a great resource for shoe reviews. You can find a ton of it sorted by brand. Also always have a look on black Friday as Pete is sharing great deals and discounts on running shoes and running gear each year.

Despite not much new is coming lately, it is definitely worth a visit and browse through the archives.

Twitter: @Runblogger
Facebook: Runblogger

The Science Of Running

The Science of Running is the website by achieved performance coach Steve Magness. He did coaching on all levels from high school up to pro athletes like some top 10 finishers at major marathons. So Steve knows what he’s writing about!

I really like his scientific approach and all the information he regularly shares. Not only do you get around an article a week, Steve has also a Podcast going and has written a couple of books as well as created some online courses.

If you not only want general information on running and training but also wanna know more about the scientific background and what coaching is about, the science of running is for sure something you have to check out.

Podcast: iTunes Podcast
Twitter: @stevemagness
Shop: Books & Courses

Runner’s World

This probably is an obvious one. Runner’s World is the biggest magazine on running and I guess something every runner knows.

It’s not only the quality of information but the sheer quantity of articles on their website that makes it a resource for any runner of every level no matter their focus in running.

You can’t go passed this one as it often shows up on top of the results if you google anything running related. So chances are that without even actively looking for it, you end up on the Runner’s world website.

Twitter: @runnersworld
Facebook: Runner‘s World

Strava Blog

I’ve been a Strava user for many years now. And obviously I’m not the only one. As I see Strava more as a social network than a complete tool for training analysis, their positioning in the market sure attracts millions of users.

That fact gives Strava a huge amount of data to do some analysis on. And there’s a lot of interesting stuff in that data. For example check out the Global Heatmap they’ve done.

On their blog and Medium space they share quite some of their insights and technology stuff. So if you’re into some data science, their work is definitely something you should check out.

URLs: and

The Running Mate

Of course this was going to come 🙂

Just let me make one thing clear: I don’t consider my own website as one of the best around the internet!

However it has of course become the website I work with most. The fact that for the past three years since starting out with this project, tens of thousands of people read one or the other article keeps me motivated to continue with this website.

With a focus on motivation, healthy running and constant improvement, I guess I cover the topics that many runners struggle with.

If you’re a regular reader of my work, well thank you very much! If not, make sure to come back in the future as I have some great stuff coming in the months ahead.

If you wanna follow my personal running story, probably Instagram is the best way to keep track of my training and racing.

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy running,

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