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It’s kind of paradox: A lot of people have a strong intention to start running regularly in order to loose weight, improve their overall health or get rid of stress induced by a challenging work and/or family life. But still most of them come up with excuses to not go running all the time. It’s too cold outside. It’s too hot outside. I don’t have enough time. I need this piece of equipment in order to go running. I have other things to do, maybe next week.

It is that barrier a lot of people face and for that reason don’t take action at all or go running just every now and then. The funny thing with running is that once you overcome that barrier the situation completely changes. You find excuses to go running instead of doing something else! That’s when you caught the running bug!

In this section I want to help you to achieve exactly that. I wanna share content to push you through the struggles of an early running career or a tough time in your training plan. Here it’s all about motivation, inspiration and self-discipline.

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I also get inspired by the achievements of pro athletes. Check out these awesome achievements and great runners:

Running Heroes #1: Emil Zatopek

I also have some quotes prepared for your daily motivation as well as some music suggestions for your running playlists.

Running Quotes

Running Tunes

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