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Inspiration is normally what happens first before you try a new hobby do something else at work or change your lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what was the spark that lit the fire and convinced one to take action. On the other hand it is often easy and you feel how a human being or a piece of art starts your mind going crazy in a flood of creativity.

When it comes to running there might be many things that can inspire you. In this section of this blog I collect some posts with inspirational content. I subdivide them in theses topics:


I guess most runners start running because there are undoubtedly some major health benefits. These are not only controlling your weight and increase endurance but also some mental ones. I recommend these post in the benefits topic:

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Endurance Running
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Run
10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With The Long Run

Pro Performances

Of course there are awesome athletes that amateur runners can look up to. It’s not only the athletes and their life with running inspires me but especially some unique performances. Read these articles if you’re looking for some inspirational running performances:

Running Heroes #1: Emil Zàtopek
Running Heroes #2: Haile Gebrselassie
Running Heroes #4: Kathrine Switzer
Running Heroes #3: Paula Radcliffe

Running Heroes #5: Abebe Bikila
The Speedgoat Did It: New Appalachian Trail FKT
The Running Addiction Of Ron Hill

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Personal Achievements

Once I started running regularly I also trained for specific goals. Achieving them or failure as well can be a huge push in motivation towards the next goals. So I always try to reflect on my races and achievements and take the most positive stuff out for my running future. Read about my latest achievements in theses posts.

Just Finished My First Ultra Trail
Mountain Happiness: Zermatt Marathon 2016
My Best Marathon So Far

Pico Turquino: The Highest Peak In Cuba And My Adventure Climbing It
2016 In Review: My Personal Running Year

There’s More

There are some more posts that have some inspirational type of content. Music is a big thing for me and I mostly listen to it on the run. I started a series several months ago where I present my favorite Running Tunes.

When doing long runs for my marathon or ultra training I obviously have a lot of time to think about stuff. On a run several week ago I envisioned a world where everyone would run. How this world might look like is described in the following post.

What If Everyone Would Run?

Come 2017 I’ll plan to start a series about inspirational quotes. I haven’t decided yet in which format I will provide these quotes but you will be informed about it here!

I hope some of these posts will inspire you to pick up running as a hobby. If so I really would appreciate if you could share the posts or this page with your friends and spread the word. It would be of big help to keep this blog going!

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Hundreds or thousands of runners in a race and you are in the middle. And someone has to finish last. If you fear it will be you, this post is a must read.

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Are your training for your first or next big run and got injured in the process? Happened to me as well. Here's how to deal with a common running injury.


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I just love running. That's why in 2018 it's my 10 year anniversary in this great sport. I've learned and tried so much along this great journey. Here's a list of 101 things you should do in your running year that I gathered in the past decade of running. Have fun!

You might know why you got running shoes and started running. But why do humans run in general and why is it so popular? This posts provides some answers.

A DNF's a DNF. Nothing changes the fact that you then failed to finish the race you started. I had my first DNF on my first 100k race. Here's what I learned

In this guest post ultra runner Giles Thurston presents his insights on some essential gear ultra runners have to look out for. If you're new to the sport and looking for some equipment advice, this is your guide!

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