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Hello to you and welcome on therunningmate.run! This is my first post so I guess it makes sense to introduce myself and tell you about my blog and what you can expect to find here in future posts.

I’m a passionate runner for several years and live and train in the northwestern part of Switzerland close to the border of Germany and France. In my everyday work life I mostly sit in an office chair looking into one or more computer screen typing source code for software of all sorts.

After work I love going outside for a run to grab some fresh air, move my body and get my mind of any stress. During the last couple of years I became a pretty passionate runner and that brings me to this blog.

Since I’m just starting with this project it is not yet written in stone what type of content I will put in here. But as a guideline I thought, let’s get some guys infected with the running virus and let me help them on their journey. Based on that I categorize my articles into three categories:

1. Passion
This is probably the most personal part of this blog. Here I write about my story, how I got addicted on running and what fascinates me about this sport.

2. Know-How
Running is not just fun, especially as your mileage increases. There is quite some research to do in order to gather the knowledge needed to succeed in your running goals. In this section I want to give you tips on training, stretching, nutrition and share my experiences to help achieve your personnel goals.

3. Running Scene
Of course running is bigger than just you and me. In this category I’ll try to tell you about great athletes, awesome races and the newest running and equipment trends.

I need to mention that I am an endurance runner so everything below 5km (3 miles) is a sprint for me. So I will focus on these type of runs from 5km up to Marathons and even more.

The last thing I’d like to tell you before closing my first post is that I’m not a native english speaker/writer so vocabulary and grammar are not my strength. But I hope my posts are understandable and If not please provide me with your feedback.

So thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back later for more!

Happy running

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