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The numbers are concerning and raise some questions. More than half of regular runners get injured regularly. And that is even more astonishing as most people start running to improve their health not to end up at the doctor and in physic therapy.

Let me assure you one thing: You CAN run regularly WITHOUT getting injured! Why can I be so sure about this? Well I run for about a decade and keep improving year after year achieving most running goals I set myself. And I was never injured.

Humans are born to run. Our body has been shaped by evolution for millions of years to become the perfect endurance running machine. But in our 21st century lifestyle we have to learn again how to do it right and prepare our bodies to move more instead of sitting around all day.

And it’s not that difficult if you are honest to yourself and willing to learn. In this section I’ll teach you all about establishing a healthy and sustainable running habit that will help you:

  • Loose weight or keep you weight down
  • Improve your physical health with running
  • Reduce stress and improve your sleep quality
  • Get to learn your body and prevent common injuries
  • How to treat injuries should you get any

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