Apple Watch Series 2: What’s new for Runners

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Last week Apple revealed the details of their new Apple Watch Series 2, the second edition of the iPhone maker’s smart watch. The Apple Watch is not only a fashionable gadget it also has almost everything on board that a runner needs in a sports watch as I described in this post. In addition to this old article I’d like to spotlight the alterations in the new version and what they bring for runners.

New Features in Series 2

Well what can be new in the seconds version of the Apple Watch. The answer is: Not much! Everyone who expected a revolution was disappointment after last weeks Apple Keynote during which the Apple Watch Series 2 was introduced. But two new features are interesting for athletes and especially runners.

First the Apple Watch is now definitely waterproof up to 50 meters. This is not particularly necessary for running but if you like cross training in the pool it is good news. I used the first Apple Watch when swimming before and it still works but officially it’s not built for this. So with the new Apple Watch you don’t need to worry anymore when taking a shower after a workout or measure your training sessions in the pool.

The second big new feature is more relevant for runners. The Series 2 of Apple’s wearable now has a build-in GPS module. That is a step to a more independent watch that you can use without your iPhone. As the second Apple Watch with GPS is now a more complete running watch it is not yet clear how it will affect battery life. Apple didn’t say a word on the length you can use the gadget especially with activated GPS when tracking a workout.

Besides these bigger additions the Series 2 also has a faster processor and a much brighter display that is easier to read in the sun. This is also good news for runners but is hard to assess as we don’t yet know how the battery life will be.

The new Nike+ Edition


The new features of the Apple Watch Series 2 are clearly focussed for athletes and so is a new edition that has been introduced. Apple and Nike are partners for several years now and decided to bring an Apple Watch edition specifically for runners. The Nike+ edition that will be available late October sports the same sensors and features as the ordinary sports edition with some additions. A new sports band for the watch is included that is lightweight, flexible and breathable. On the software-side of things the Nike+ edition comes with some special Nike watch faces and the Nike+ Run Club App. This App let’s you not only track your workouts but also connects you to millions of other runners and motivates you with notifications. The price is as low as the other sports models and starts at $369.


So is the Apple Watch Series 2 worth buying? If you already have the first version I would wait. There are some interesting additions but not enough to spend another heap of money. If you wanted the first one but waited, now might be a good time because the included GPS makes it a far more independent sports watch. I would wait though until the first good reviews and tests are available as nobody knows how the battery life will be. As an alternative you could now buy the Series 1 Apple Watch that is still available and much cheaper than before. But be aware of the restrictions of an Apple Watch that I described in this post.

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